Sla'Var the Ruinous



“Your freedom dies here, Outlander!”


Sla’Var has risen high in the ranks of the Ratfolk, and has become a slave dealer of great reknown. An oft-requested hunter of slaves, Sla’Var is known for his ruthless driving of captives from the wilderness of Osirion all the way to the famous slave markets of Katapesh.

Interested parties often pay double to ensure the slaves are in reletively good health, as the grueling pace and the lash are often enough to send most captives to their dooms. As lecherous as he is ruthless, Sla’Var’s fee quadruples for female slaves that are requested unspoiled and intact.

Many slaves of lesser wills do not survive, and those that do are never the same as they were before their capture.

Regardless of his exorbitant fees, this ratfolk is formidable in both business and combat. Larger than his kin, and as tall as a man, Sla’Var is a physically imposing master of of his ratfolk bretheren – and those strange, squeaking crates he hauls across the sands are quite unsettling, as well…

Sla'Var the Ruinous

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