Pasha Neko

A catfolk merchant and loyal follower of Bast.



“More wine! More song! And more women! Let us shake the dust from our paws with a dance for the Lady!”


Pasha Neko is odd for a catfolk. Broad of shoulder, and even broader of belly, this large siamese pointed feline merchant is nonetheless well-suited to life in the sands. Always perched atop his head is a silk turban, set with a brilliant gold catseye jewel and a purple plume. Around his neck is a small black caricature of a cat; a common trinket of Bastet. He wears a vest that only further displays his oversized belly, and a pair of short trousers. His tail is short – shorter than most catfolk – and is usually lazily flicking behind him.

He is attended by no fewer than four female catfolk of varying colors, who provide him with shade, wine and song, as well as other entertainments. He is jolly and throws parties constantly in the name of Bastet.

Pasha Neko

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