Blackfoot Sand Cat Clan

“The vine that grows in the desert makes the sweetest wine.”
Blackfoot Sand Cat Clan proverb

The Blackfoot Sand Cat Clan is a noisy, rolling party that typically makes its way from Wati to the northern coast of Osirion over the course of many carousing, jovial weeks. Led by Pasha Neko, this clan of catfolk is both well known for their rowdy, bawdy parties and their spreading of goodwill.

The clan consists of a mix of many different catfolk, however most of the Blackfoot resemble siamese cats, with sandy fur colors and ‘points’ along the muzzle, hands, feet and tails.
Most of the Blackfoot Sand Cats are free-born; some have been rescued from slaver bands. Those who have been at one time enslaved are notably missing their claws. While to catfolk as a society, this is an outrageous and grevious wound to inflict, oftentimes leading to the injured catfolk being ostracized and pitied, and the Blackfoot clan simply accepts these as members of their clan and helps them in any way they can.

The desert is an unforgiving place, and few know this as well as the Blackfoot clan. As followers of Bastet, though, they are keen to rejoice in what little they can conjure forth from the sands-and as such, are happy to share it with those of good disposition.

The clan appears to be little more than an oft-moving party of revelry and carousing; however the catfolk of the Blackfoot Clan are avid hunters, artists, merchants, healers, and performers – when the occasion suits them, they will offer their services to whatever town they encounter. Few would turn away the good intentions of the Blackfoot clan, despite the occasional issues a carousing band of cats would cause.


Blackfoot Sand Cat Clan

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