Madame Zoestra

A lean, raven-haired woman of sharp tongue and cunning eyes.



“I see grave misfortune in your future…”


Madame Zoestra is a mean, angry old gypsy. To tell it to her personally would simply invoke her raven-like cackle and a sharp profanity hurled back. Despite her reputation, Zoestra is middle-aged at best and far from ancient, with long black hair and piercing blue eyes. A semi-permanent fixture in the Wati marketplace; her wagon (now sunk more than halfway up its heavy-gauge wheels in sand) is a popular attraction for many adventurers to get their fortunes read. Her foretelling of doom is quite accurate.

Zoestra is good friends with Pasha Neko and taunts him mercilessly. While it seems she dislikes him – and he her – the cat is the only person who has ever been able to match wits with the gypsy, and as such he is a beloved friend and confidant for the woman. She is always welcome at the catfolk tribe’s encampment, where she will perform tarot readings and fortune-telling for free – provided there is plenty of wine, song, dance, and pleasant attendants.

Madame Zoestra

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