Missouri Pathfinder Adventures - Mummy's Mask

Session 6 - Eyes of the Temple

Deception in the Dust


After a successful trip to the House of Pentheru, the party left the Necropolis to peddle their treasures. While in town, Jgisk managed to aquire a set of masterwork burglar’s tools and a peculiar spear with his share of the proceeds – however his departure from the smuggler’s den was not uneventful. Having been accompanied by Pili, the rat mistakenly upset an amorous female half-orc, who, with her enforcer brother, chased the pair through the city streets, intent on beating them senseless and taking their gold. The two small adventurers managed to escape, though just barely.

Vex located a wand merchant and, with the promise of a bit of advertisement, procured a wand of Restore Eidolon (lesser.) Alhazred spent most of his time working away at the inn, developing alchemical items. His work went well until he mistook calcium for arcanite, causing the thunderstone he was creating to go off prematurely – while he was deafened for a short time, the rest of his experiments and items remained intact.

The party banked some of their goods and gold with Pasha Neko’s tribe and set off to the city center, where the Pharasmins were once again administering a lottery to determine where the adventures were headed. Upon recieving their assignment (The Temple of the Erudite Eye,) the party rested and restocked their food and water supplies, promising to head into the necropolis again at first light.

Upon the dawn, the Western Wind Trading Company marched to the necropolis using the map provided by the priests of Pharasma. During their trek through the ruined tomb-city, they were beset upon by a sizable gang of thugs. Nets were cast over some of the party, including Vex. While Jgisk struggled to escape his netting, Vex uttered a few short words and burst from the net as Anu grew in size and stature. He roared and easily reached one of the net-flingers, tearing him to ribbons of viscera. More thugs appeared, some with khopesh and others with longbows. Others still rained satchels down at the party, and Alhazred’s keen eye saw them to be tanglefoot bags – while firing his crossbow he warned the party, ducking into an alcove to deal with an archer.

Jgisk freed himself in time to be set upon by a khopesh-thug; when the brigand missed, Anu wasted no time in tripping him with his nightmarish maw of teeth. The prone thug was no match for Jgisk’s sneak attacks.

Though blind, the halfling Pili weaved through the battle with little more than scratches, weilding his small mace. A swift Khopesh-weilder caught Alhazred unawares and drove the curved blade between his shoulders with a cruel hit. Anu yanked another thug up off his feet as well, brutally tearing him apart. Within a short time, the thugs were laid to waste, save one, who informed them that they were just hired to stop a group of adventurers from reaching the temple down the road. When pressed further, they had no additional information about their employer.

Jgisk ordered the thug to ‘take his dead and leave,’ in a rare show of mercy. The party tended to their wounds, and proceeded to the Temple of the Erudite Eye, an amazing structure built in honor of Nethys.

Upon entering, they were beset by several skeletal jackals, which they quickly dispatched. Delving deeper into the temple, they located a trio of zombies, as well as an enchanted scroll that attacked them mercilessly from a secret compartment in a forgotten library. The party trapped the maligned scroll inside, then lit the room ablaze.

Deeper into the temple, the party found a metal chest – and a scything blade trap to protect it. The chest’s contents already having been pilfered, the party then focused on a strange set of fresh, bloody bootprints leading to a staircase…

They are not alone.


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