Missouri Pathfinder Adventures - Mummy's Mask

Session 5 - The Rest of the Family

Not All is Peaceful beneath the Earth...


The party had found all they could in the manor home known as the House of Pentheru, and now turned to the family crypt to offer up its secrets.

Unnerved but calm about the strange happenings during the night, the group proceeded into the crypt, where they found an altar that had remnants of burial shroud and wrappings upon it. Finding nothing else, they proceeded down the main stairway.

In the preparation room, they found little but a long-unused preparation table and two large brass urns. They quickly discovered another adjoining chamber, and noticed some strange remains. A mummy appeared to be discarded in an alcove – when the party investigated it, however, they were set upon by a tomb guardian – an ubashki swarm! This roving band of undead cats attacked Urwadi before being dispatched. As they dealt with the ubashki swarm, an ubashki lynx appeared and bit deep into Saineth, causing the ranger great harm.

Urwadi and the others chased after to help, but Vex was caught battling a strange beast – it resembled the mummy they’d found, but its body was covered with a sticky, viscous skin that weapons held fast onto. Shortly the party surrounded the creature after it knocked itself prone, and it was dispatched.

Searching the rest of the tomb allowed the party to find Pentheru the Younger’s resting place. he was protected by a Mummified Guardian that terrified Alhazred, but they soon recovered the frazzled alchemist and collected the treasures of the young Orisiani nobleman.

The party successfully explored the entire House of Pentheru, grounds, and crypt. The party is now level 3.


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