Missouri Pathfinder Adventures - Mummy's Mask

Session 4 - Ghosts of the Past

The House Crawls


The party regrouped in the first floor’s ruined atrium. They spent time searching the lower floors for treasures and found an adamantine flail in the granery (next to some unsettling skeletal human remains, the handiwork of the scarab swarm that lived there.)

Searching further still, Vex located a silver anklet, a silver vase, a tarnished silver serving tray, and a small gold ring. Touching it caused her to witness a ghostly scene from the past, where two young lovers planned to escape the city of Wait and the Plague of Madness, a fate that they succumbed to, in time.

The party located a headless corpse in the 1st floor privy. Alhazred deduced that the body’s head had been pulled off forcefully.

Also on the first floor, Jgisk located a small cache of coins that one of the house’s guards had secreted away in the compound.

Heading upstairs, Alhazred located another headless body, this one wearing a wedding ring. The party investigated several rooms, including an office, where Saineth located a bronze key hidden in a desk. Urwadi chased down some movement, but was unable to locate the source of it – in doing so, he found a hope chest with a fragile wedding dress, some small pieces of jewelry, and some makeup, as well as a painting of the room’s previous inhabitant, a young Osiriani girl.

Alhazred located some small items and a small laquered box that contained an ancient Osirion boardgame.

Jgisk located a false dresser in the master bedroom and a bronze chest hidden behind it. He took several poisoned bolts to the face before unlocking it, revealing gold ingots with the crest of the ancient pharaoh. Inside the same room, Pili found a headband that made him feel more intimidating.

As the party continued to explore, Saineth was confronted by a flying, flapping creature that resembled a head with winged ears. It shrieked at him and caused the others to come running. Saineth struck it with his shield against the wall, causing it to fall to the floor, where Urwadi handily dispatched it with his spear. Another creature appeared and attacked Alhazred, who retreated and fired at it with his crossbow. Soon this creature was struck down as well, and the party understood it to be a foul creature called a Vargouille.

Saineth then reported a silhouette of a man running out of the house’s front door. The party chased after him to the western side yard, where Saineth encountered a giant whiptail centipede. He retreated, only to have the centipede strike him with its long, sinewy body. He crumpled to a heap on the front stairs. The party rushed in to try to aid him, with Pili risking his life to get close enough to heal the downed man. He then retreated, pleading with Saineth to stay down.

The centipede, sensing a rare meal, shoved into the house. Urwadi intercepted him and struck out with his spear. Alhazred threw a bomb next to it, and Jgisk shot at it with his crossbow. Anu and Vex rushed along he outer wall to come up from behind.

Alhazred summmoned a tiny stirge to drink the beast’s blood. It latched onto the centipede and drank heavily, weakening the beast.

Urwadi kept stabbing with his spear as the centipede moved into the house. Suddenly out of danger, Saineth stood and attempted to strike the beast from behind. The whiptail’s namesake wrapped around his ankle and knocked him down again.

Anu leapt up the stairs and bit heavily into the centipede’s back, as Urwadi struck the beast one final time with his club. The centipede fell.

The party then chose to stay within in the House of Pentheru, having drained themselves of resources. When they found the small outbuilding on the western side of the house, they discerned it to be a tomb and chose to explore it in the morning.

During the night, strange things happened. Alhazred felt compelled to enter the tomb himself. Anu stopped him and noticed a black-robed figure walking into the tomb. The party, sans a sleeping Pili, went to investigate. Pili woke and was compelled to dance and sing and make a lot of noise. Urwadi snapped him out of it with a few slaps.

The group chose to investigate the tomb, with Jgisk and Saineth flanking the building, awaiting any other robed characters entering the tomb. As they waited, Jisk was attacked by a strange flying creature. He managed to escape the ratfolk after being gravely wounded by bolts.

And the tomb yet beckons…


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