Missouri Pathfinder Adventures - Mummy's Mask

Session 3 - The House of Pentheru

Home is Where the Haunt Is


The party began by letting the priests of Pharasma inspect the various artifacts they recovered from the Tomb of Akhentepi. While they were impressed by the chariot and gold records of Akhentepi’s military career, they were most excited to see the notes and records that were safeguarded by Vex. After an excited discussion and some smooth talking by the young summoner, the priests pooled their gold to procure the notes for the temple, rather than let them be sold to a private collector.

The party then took their remaining wares to Pasha Neko, who took an immediate liking to the chariot and gold military records. The party joined the Blackfoot Sand Cat Clan in a celebration over the rest of the day and late into the evening. Guided by Pasha, the party left early the next morning to meet a supposed buyer for the rest of their goods.

The buyer, told by Neko to the party, worked out of a half-sunk wagon in the corner of the marketplace. When they arrived, the party came face to face with Madame Zoestra, a gypsy with a sharp tongue and a withering gaze. She purchased the remaining goods for a flat 500 gold.

The party then went to a gathering of adventuring parties at the Tooth and Hookah, meeting the Dog Soldiers, the Sand Scorpions, and others. All seemed to be slogging through the necropolis.

The party then set out to the House of Pentheru for their second assignment.

When the party approached the gate, Vex (and Anu, her eidolon) Alhazred, Blind Pilli, and Urwadi heard a woman screaming, and the gate began to crash and rattle violently, spooking the adventurers into running back down the street. After catching back up, they found Saineth andJgisk being menaced by an enormous Death Dog. The party struck back at the worm-filled creature, and Anu bit one of its two heads off, tossing it almost back into the street as the beast died.

Proceeding forward, the party investigated a dry well, and Saineth was beset upon by skeletons that rose from their slumber in a servant’s hut. Surrounded, the duelist was being clawed mercilessly until Alhazred hurled a bomb into the room, killing the skeletons instantly (and scorching Saineth.)

Jgisk, not to be outdone, opened the room with the domed roof to find an old granary – but where the grain had been thousands of years ago, now a swarm of scarabs lived. They flooded out, biting at Jgisk, Saineth and Alhazred. Retreating (with the rat ducking into the granary,) the group hulred magic and bombs at the pests until they were roasted.

Entering the house from the eastern side, Urwadi discovered an ancient pool and a still-functioning spigot that produced clear, clean water. Further into the house, he discovered the foyer and atrium, where a strange spirit proclaimed herself the house’s protector. As she spoke to Urwadi, she moved closer and struck out at him – missing and frightening the cleric. When she retreated, she apologized and claimed she was frightened – but knowing the jig was up, the creature revealed its true form and attacked.

Urwadi was quickly joined by Vex and Anu, as well as Saineth, and the trio struck the sand creature mightily, with little effect. Their battlecries caused Pilli to enter the house from the northeastern side, with the halfling and his dog padding through the remains of an ancient kitchen. They came upon the battle and tried to effect it as best they could, but the little halfling’s flail, though true, did little to dissuade the beast, and his sling was ignored.

Vex attempted to cast Acid Splash, but the beast’s movements caused her to misfire the spell, burning herself. Jgisk trundled in from the eastern yard as well and began firing bolts into the sandy creature.

The sand beast shifted into the sandy flooring, hiding from the party temporarily. When he appeared at Pilli’s feet, he struck the halfling and knocked him cold. With the oracle asleep, it turned its gaze upon the ratfolk rogue, and knocked hium out as well.

Fleeing (as Anu’s bite and claws were ineffective) Vex came upon a strange room, where six skulls sat in six silver chalices on six silver plates. They levitated in the air and followed her movements as the battle against the sand creature continued.

Urwadi struck again and again, shifting to his spear, back to his club, and back to his spear again in an attempt to find the monster’s weakness. Settling on the club, he bashed the creature after it knocked Saineth out with a hard punch. With a triumphant battle cry, he leapt into the fray again to help Vex. Jgisk, Pilli and Saineth soon woke and joined the battle, and soon the beheaded spirits were quelled.

And still, the house beckons…


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