Missouri Pathfinder Adventures - Mummy's Mask

Session 2 - If It CAN Go Wrong...

Triumph in the deep


The party continued their adventure through the Tomb of Akhentepi. Examining the trophy room, they discovered an ivory chest and several other containers, as well as a diorama of Akhentepi’s warriors battling an unknown foe.

Three of the warriors in the diorama were tomb guardians and sprung to life. Urwadi dispatched them handily with his spear. The party discovered a light steel shield in the shape of a scarab; a well-crafted spear; a khopesh; and a composite shortbow.

Along with the armory, the group found a chariot and a collection of papers detailing the exploits of Akhentepi and his armies. A locked chest proved dangerous, but Jgisk avoided the trap and found more documentation and some potions.

Descending deeper into the tomb, the group encountered a swirling mass of sand that took the form of a snake. It struck down Urwardi, but was chased off by the remaining party members. Rendering aid to Urwadi, the group pressed on into a chamber of Pharasma.

In an adjoining room, Vex discovered a secret door. The rest of the team discovered a grand mausoleum, containing large Anubis statues and a grand golden sarcophagus.

After some effort, the rest of the party helped Vex and Urwadi open the secret door. They traveled through the small passage and were attacked by mining beetles after the secret door slammed shut.

After the beetles were defeated, the party struggled to open the secret door on the other side of the passage. Finally opening it, the group found a secret stairwell and another entrance to the grand mausoleum.

Splitting up, Vex, Urwadi and Alhazred explored the stairwell while Blind PIli and Jgisk explored the mausoleum. After a short look around, Pili and Jgisk encountered an insidious deathtrap. Water flooded the room as the doors sealed. The rat attempted vainly to open the sealed doors as Pili climbed atop the coffin to avoid drowning.

As Pili and Jgisk battled for their lives, the others discovered a room full of grave goods. Examining a wall that Vex found interesting, Urwadi was enveloped in a swarm of magical cockroaches. The party ran back up the stairs while Alhazred threw bombs, scattering the cockroaches handily.

The halfling and ratfolk were neck-deep in water as the trap appeared to malfunction and begin draining. The Anubis statues dropped their ankhs, which crackled with electricity that scorched the unlucky pair. Vex, Alhazred and Urwadi attempted to open the doors with no success.

As the water finally drained from the room, a curious Pili decided to investigate the sarcophagus – it swallowed him whole as Jgisk frantically looked for the release lever to open the doors. As the halfling began to suffocate, the wet rat managed to scramble up the Anubis statue and actuate the hidden switch to open the doors.

Shortly afterwards, the party ran into the room and dispatched the sarcophagus. As Pili climbed out of the wreckage, the tomb became still, at last.

The Western Wind Trading Co. LLC had fully explored Akhentepti’s grand tomb.


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